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Head Free String Microsite

Head Racquet Sports does microsites for promotional giveaways a few times per year. On this project, Free Range handled the design, back-end database, mobile functionality and back-end setup. We are given a deadline, we meet it, and then we pull the site down and provide the metrics and signups to the client in an easy-to-use…

Head Tennis Microsite

When Head Tennis wanted to give away demos of their new racquet lines they asked Free Range to build the microsite. We built a custom back-end to handle the in-store and online clickable options, including the location database. Plus, we optimized for a better mobile experience. When it comes to microsites, we’re pretty radical!

Head Free String Microsite

Head Racquet Sports asked Free Range to do a promotional microsite, letting a few thousand people register to win tennis racquet strings for a year. If you don’t play much tennis, this might seem like no big deal, but if you’re into the game you know how much of this tightly wound nylon you can…