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Meteor Crater Brand Design

Ever been to Meteor Crater Natural Landmark outside Flagstaff? It’s a very cool place that was desperately in need of a new brand. Free Range was tapped to develop a modern look and feel and pays homage to an already cool roadside attraction and the up-and-coming Barringer Space Museum. We used color to play off…

ModLuxe Brand Design

So much has changed in the printing business, including ModLuxe’s new brand image. A homage to the 90’s, this combines the cleanliness of the future and the artistic feel of the past.

Coq-A-Doodle-Doo Brand Design

When you get a chance to design a food truck logo, take it. It’s always a fun project and this French take on chicken came out pretty darned tasty.

Matsock Brand Design

When your core mission is benefits, it’s good to be everyone’s friend. This brand design gave Matsock a fresh look and a tagline worth a chuckle.

Visage Brand Design

When Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center launched a new oculoplastics brand in Scottsdale, they engaged Free Range to give them a strong and unique brand that stands out from the competition. Now, with Barnet Dulaney Perkins and Visage, you can see AND look your best.

Urban Luxe Brand Design

Standing out in the crowded Phoenix real estate market takes a strong brand, a great work ethic, and lots of personal integrity. The team at Urban Luxe lives this every day.