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Meteor Crater Brand Design

Ever been to Meteor Crater Natural Landmark outside Flagstaff? It’s a very cool place that was desperately in need of a new brand. Free Range was tapped to develop a modern look and feel and pays homage to an already cool roadside attraction and the up-and-coming Barringer Space Museum. We used color to play off…

Visage Brand Design

When Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center launched a new oculoplastics brand in Scottsdale, they engaged Free Range to give them a strong and unique brand that stands out from the competition. Now, with Barnet Dulaney Perkins and Visage, you can see AND look your best.

BillingTree Logo Design

BillingTree is a fast-growing online payments provider who hired Free Range to create a a new brand. Our goal was to modernize their look to help keep pace with an exploding national presence. The two “L’s” imply a positive growth chart and the leaf shows a green approach to handling centuries-old transactions online while reducing…

Scottsdale Real Estate

A great URL deserves a matching logo. And, even though this one wasn’t chosen by the client, it doesn’t mean it’s not worthy. Sometimes, we like to play B sides so you can see some of the things our clients passed up. We call a logo like this, ‘one that got away.’

Oregano’s Signage & Labels

Every retail establishment needs signage. For Oregano’s, we had a lot of fun creating unique pieces for everything from pre-ordering your pizza in all stores, to motorcycle parking in Cave Creek, and a Tree Warning Sign in Flagstaff – where one particular evergreen earned it’s own sign design. Next time you walk in to one…

Premier Lab Solutions Brand Design

It’s not often a lab opens up and competes with all the big boys in your state. Well, that’s just what’s happening with Premier Lab Solutions. They started out with the sole focus of serving their customers better than your current lab. A community lab, with faster turnaround times, better service, faster response, more accurate…