Oregano’s T-Shirt Campaign

When Oregano’s Pizza Bistro opened in 1993, owner Mark S. Russell wanted to get the word out about their new, Chicago-style pizza joint in Old Town Scottsdale. So, with our knack for writing funny headlines, we focused on selling t-shirts for a break-even price of $5 and put them out on the street as a grass roots marketing campaign. The shirts were an instant hit and we started hearing about people wearing these as far away as Maine, Hawaii and even the Middle East, where an entire military unit from AZ donned Oregano’s shirts. Emblazoned with CHiCKS DiG IT, DON’T PASS THiS JOiNT, LEGALIZE MARINARA, OREGANO DISPENSARY, NOODLIST COLONY and MENU CAN TRUST, you either own one of these iconic Oregano’s t-shirts or you’ve seen ’em.